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Happy birthday to me...

I'm officially legal, and stuff. It's a shame I don't drink...

So. Friday evening there was a joint birthday party with Julia H (her birthday was on Thursday, mine Saturday), with many fun people and good shtuff. I'd oh-so-subtlely mentioned flowers in the party invitations, so she and I each got a rose, some lillies, and an arrangement from David that I've not yet been able to name. They're pretty, at any rate.

Then, yesterday...I had rehearsal in the afternoon, after which time I knew there was some plot that would occur. Matt picked me up from rehearsal around 4:30 (it ran a bit late), and we drove back to the dorm where he presented me with a pint of Ben and Jerry's. (mmmm, Ben and Jerry's...ahem) He said we should put it away in the social room first, before I went into my room. The social room is at one end of the hallway. Matt's room is right next to it, and there are about four or five other rooms before the other end of the hallway, which is where my room is.

I went to label the ice cream (it is a dorm fridge, after all), and Matt said he'd look for a marker in his room. I ended up finding one myself, and went to his room to get him. His door was slightly open, and he stepped out as soon as I walked up and presented me with three sterling roses and one white rose. I was happy. As I was looking at those, Matt knocked on the door next to him. Debbie walked out with a bunch of daffodils and tulips. Then Julia C, then Julia H, and finally Angela, coming out of the bathroom. (I think they'd run out of dorm rooms by that point.) Dustin was at the end of the hallway taking pictures as I ended up with more and more flowers and nearing tears. I couldn't believe it.

Two Snapple bottles, one commons glass, two wine bottles and one big honkin' cylindrical vase later, the flowers are all in water. The second you open my door, you smell them. It's a wonderful thing. After the mass flower-arranging party, everyone went their separate ways, as I went out to dinner with the mastermind of the whole affair, Matt. Then to the movie Death to Smoochy - I approve.

A damn sight better than last year's birthday, that's for sure. :)
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