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State of Steph

In random bullet-point form!

~So You Think You Can Dance has taught me a few things about dance I didn't know, including that I enjoy some forms of hip-hop. Whodathunkit? Also, "contemporary" dance apparently means "barefoot". That's the only thing I can see in common between all the different contemporary dancers.

~I'm on a verbal warning from work because of my "lack of attention to detail". In an effort to rectify this, and to give me something to do during my downtime during the month, my supervisor asked me to write up my procedures for each of my clients. I'm doing so in complete detail, writing for someone who's not only never been in this department, but has also never seen Excel before. On the upside, I got a 4% raise.

~Paul Anka singing Bon Jovi? ...the bloody hell?

~Heat makes for a very sad and cranky Stephie. The heat just saps my strength to the point that even carrying a box of cat litter from the store to the car completely winds me and makes me sweat buckets. I haven't been on the Wii Fit for over a week because even the idea of working out at all makes me uncomfortably warm.

~My neurologist has given me Imitrex and hydrocodone for the headaches, and has decided to take me off Cymbalta. The Imitrex gets rid of the headache completely, but not for too long, and there are major interaction risks between it and the Cymbalta. I've been avoiding taking the Imitrex until the Cymbalta's gone, but DAMN. Much hate for weaning myself off that med - I've been on a half-dose for the last week, and it's messy. Between that, it being that time of year, and getting close to "that time of month", I'm a joy to be around.

~Strawberry chicken, as strange as it sounds, is a marvelous bit of culinary goodness.

~Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of my Uncle Paul's death, and Saturday is the ten-year for my father's death. it's a rough week.

~Dean Koontz has quickly become a favorite author of mine. Why hasn't the third book in the Frankenstein series come out yet?? I must know how it finishes! Also, he writes dialogue that sounds like he could have bugged Eric and me, except many of these were written before Eric and I knew each other. Hee.

And, I think that's about it for the State of Steph. One more day, and then a long weekend. Huzzah!
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