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Another year, another GenCon

We survived, thank heavens. We're back home - it feels incredibly weird to be back home from vacation, and have it be so early. We made it back by about 3:30 - no trouble with the flights, with luggage, nothing. Uneventful travel is the best kind.

I'll keep it quick, because I'm seriously having trouble staying awake (though this may be due to my anti-anxiety meds - I started getting reeeeeeally nervous on the last leg of our trip, for no reason, and decided i would rather be drowsy than panicky). We worked our tails off - we had a bigger booth than last year, and seven people for offering demos. We definitely could have used one more (or, better yet, had everyone trained on all of the games, because everyone had gaps, Eric and me included).

After the dealer's room closed, we tried our usual gig of running Werewolves of Miller's Hollow in one of the big, empty spaces in the hallways of the convention center. We've done this for the last two years without problems - Thomas is one of the most charismatic moderators I know for this game, which means that we draw rather large crowds. Even so, we purposefully pick an area where there is plenty of room to get around us. This year, however, we had just gotten about halfway through our first 18-person game when we were shut down by a GenCon staffer. He came down and told us we had to break it up immediately and clear the hallway, and if we wanted to play Werewolves, there was an official Looney Labs Werewolves event upstairs. Problem - we aren't Looney Labs, and our game is different from there game. Technically, they are based on the same public domain game, but our edition includes different characters and very different artwork on the cards involved. Frankly, people who play our game prefer it quite a bit. So sending us to Looney Labs was not acceptable to many of the players. It was a little astonishing both how adamant those players (and by "adamant", I mean "willing to start yelling"), and how rude the GenCon staff member was when kicking us out. It was frustrating, but it did lead to a potential silver lining. We talked to Christophe, and he's going to work toward getting us a room for demos in the evenings so we don't have to worry about it next year. Yay!

(Post started yesterday, and put on hold because I kept falling asleep) Back at work today, with an early-morning heart attack that I'd screwed something else up. I hadn't, but there may still be some fallout because I don't have written proof that I was told to do something I did. Either way, I didn't screw up this time, so yay!

Did I mention that we went to SummerSlam? (One of the big four WWE pay-per-views, for those sane individuals with absolutely no knowledge and/or interest in professional wrestling.) It was in Indy, about four block away from our hotel, on Sunday, and really, when was the next time we were going to be in the same city as a big PPV? It was a lot of fun. Our seats were incredible, considering how cheap they were - that stadium is ridiculous. It was freakin' awesome. :) Between playing demo monkey all weekend, and cheering like crazy on Sunday, I'm lucky I still have a voice. Thus far, I seem to have avoided the Crud, but we'll see. I'm just glad we have a short week of work.
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