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Job changes and stuff and EEEE!

For those not in the know (ie, those not reading my Twitter), I had an interview with Kelly Services yesterday. I took their placement tests and did much better than I anticipated with Excel and Access (particularly Access, considering I use that program for three very specific things right now, and half the questions had me staring at the screen thinking "You can DO that??"). Based on that, my rep said there was a position at Amazon that I would be qualified for, and the he would put my name in for consideration.

Today at work we had this "Let's get to know the coworkers!" thing going on, including a crossword puzzle with clues about the coworkers and free food (mmm, barbeque). While chowing down, my cell phone rings. It's my rep from Kelly Services. "Amazon doesn't even want to interview you - you start on the 29th."

So, yeah. After I got the official email and all that jazz, I gave notice to my supervisor (with whom I'd had a very emotional, panicky conversation/meeting just that morning regarding my inability to communicate with my manager and the fact that I feel like there's an axe over my head, just waiting to fall - that combined with my normal anxiety/depression fun stuff means it's not been a comfortable Stephie). She seems genuinely disappointed to see me go, but happy that I'm more relaxed already. Plus, I think it means that she doesn't need to have a rather uncomfortable conversation with my manager about how she (the manager) intimidates the hell out of me. :)

So! Starting the 29th, I'll be working in the fulfillment center for Amazon. At this point, I'm not sure what all that will entail, and what exactly I'll be doing. It's a 4-6 month contract, though Kelly Services kept telling me that Amazon really likes to extend contracts and hire directly from their contractors (I'll believe it when I see it - I'm not getting my hopes up). The pay's a bit less than what I'm making now, but it's still in the liveable range. This next week will be spent tying up loose ends and making lists of what's left to be done. I've already made up a list of all the little random crap I do in the department, and it's honestly longer than I'd expected.

I'm trying not to be too excited about this, since it's all happened so quickly and I'm honestly not sure what the job will entail. It'll be busy, that's for sure - 4-6 months puts me right over the holiday season, at the fulfillment center of one of (the?) biggest online retailers in the world. As Eric would say, I might stand a chance of ruining someone's Christmas. :) I still feel a bit like I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall, and I'll probably be that way until I get in there and start working. But it's a change, and considering how the last few months have been, change sounds like a marvelous plan.
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