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Just got home from seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra live. That's a concert I've been wanting to see for...10 years, now? Something like that. Since I first heard Sarajevo 12/24, probably.

Now, for those who don't know (and, wow, what with all the new folks, that's a lot of you - hi!), I'm a huge fan of Christmas music. I particularly like hearing the old favorites played with and twisted and shaped into something new. So, obviously, TSO is a favorite of mine - or so I thought. See, I've never been to one of their concerts, and while I'd heard that it was LIGHTS! and LASERS! and ZOMG SO COOL!, I'd never really known what to expect.

The first half of the show is the part that they do every year - Christmas Eve and Other Stories. A man with a wonderful voice comes on stage and narrates a rather sappy, but sweet, story about an angel flying around Earth on Christmas Eve trying to find...something. Never was quite clear on that. He narrates in between songs. Now, some of these are awesome and fantastic and make my heart happy. Others...well, they're original works. By itself, that's not a bad thing, but they're original works with lyrics, and the lyrics are sung by men who never got the memo that the '80s ended. The hair, the voice, everything. Methinks the music director missed this memo, too, judging by the way he dressed the female vocalists - knee-high boots, black flowy dresses with skirts that are short up front and long in the back, long, loose hair, the better to flip dramatically...yeah. I realized, listening to these songs, that these were the ones I tended to skip on the CDs. Le sigh.

So, that part ends, and I figure, well, it wasn't a complete wash. But wait! They introduce everybody (and revealed why the lead guitar player, Al Pitrelli, was sitting for most of the show - he'd managed to "shatter" his knee and tear his ACL last night by trying to jump from one platform to another. The platforms were right next to each other - the second was just about 6 inches lower than the first. OW.), joke around, lalala, then say that they'll be playing a little bit from all of their albums.

Then, well, then came the reason why I love their music, and why I squeed like a little girl when Eric told me that tickets were on sale. They did quite a few from Beethoven's Last Night, a version of "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana (from a CD due out next year), and and and yeah. It was a happy Stephie.

Now, if only my digestive system would stop hating me...all day, I've been feeling about an inch from vomiting, and I have no earthly idea why. It's not even that my stomach's upset or anything - you know how, when you throw up, the muscles around your esophagus get all crampy and painful because they're not working the way they should? Well, I've been getting that feeling all day. I thought at first that it might be heartburn (having never had it before, I'm not sure), but Zantac didn't do much. It comes and goes. I'm settled with ginger ale and Nilla Wafers (Eric suggested Saltines, but the very idea of something with salt kinda made me gag), and I took a Pepto Bismal (they have caplets now - weeeeeeird). Here's hoping I'll sleep tonight, at least.

G'night, all!
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