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Mmm, turkey

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. We spent most of today (well, this morning and afternoon) with Eric's parents, his two brothers, sister-in-law, and two nephews - meaning we finally got to meet Ryan, our newest nephew. He's an extremely mellow 4-month-old, and his big brother continues to be a very sweet kid (he'll be three in January).

We spend every Thanksgiving with Eric's folks, because Mom's not really into the whole big-turkey-dinner thing. Ever since Daddy died, I think she's been relieved not to have to deal with the whole thing. She's come up to Eric's folks' place once for Thanksgiving, and that was the year he and I were engaged. She said she wanted to meet them at least once before the wedding, which makes sense. Ever since then, Eric's mom has really wanted my mom to come back up, spend the holidays with them, stuff like that. Mom has found ways of refusing every year - to her holidays are about spending time with her own family, not being awkward and uncomfortable around someone else's. Plus, as she's fond of reminding me, SHE didn't marry them - that's all me. :)

The big dinner tonight was from Safeway, again - my sister-in-law has been going through some problems with OCD since the newest nephew was born, and Eric's mom wanted to give her a "sanitized" meal - I guess she figured my sister-in-law would be happier with a meal from a box from a store than one cooked at home (though the food still had to be heated in the oven at home, but still). I honestly didn't see anything strange in her behavior, so either she's good at hiding it, or her therapy sessions are starting to help (or a little of both). In the end, a good time was had by all.

We left early (around 4 or so, I think) because we both have to work tomorrow. Since then, we've been vegging in front of the big glowy box (and the two smaller glowy boxes, as we've both been surfing the web at the same time). The next step, of course, is worrying about Christmas - we're heading Portland-wards for Christmas with my mom the weekend of the 6th, which should be fun. It does mean getting her gifts together on much shorter notice than usual, which could be problematic with regards to the cross-stitch I'm working on for her. We'll see. After than, Christmas with Eric's family (which could end up being the Saturday before Christmas, depending on how schedules work out - Eric and I both have to work Christmas Eve, and I have to work the day after Christmas). Money's tight this year, just like everyone else, and it doesn't help that I took a rather significant pay cut when I switched jobs. I suspect that our Christmas, like everyone else's, will be smaller than years past. We'll make it work, though - we always do.

There are many things to be thankful for this year, not the least of which being the community of friends and semi-perfect strangers whose identities I only know through the power of the internet. Thank you all.
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