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So, Eric and I live in an apartment, in a complex filled with little four-apartment buildings. We're on the top floor of ours, so we have neighbors directly below us and to the side (and the ones to the side have people directly below them). The neighbors downstairs (both apartments) have rotated through a few times - I think we're on family #3 in the one directly below us, and #2 on the ones next to them.

We didn't get to sleep until way too late last night (long-ass conversation that was probably a long time in coming, but seriously, can we have one of these conversations when it's NOT 11pm already?), and I had just barely drifted off when...*BOOM* *car alarm*

We're still not entirely sure what the hell happened. The boom sounded more like something exploding than like, say, gunshots or anything like that. We didn't hear any breaking glass, there was no smoke that we could see or smell, and someone turned off the car alarm right away (it was that neighbor's car going off - ours was right next to it, and did nothing, and neither car looked damaged in any way). Woke us up good, though, and both the cats were not happy. Well, Ramses was curious and spent most of the night in the window, but Feina was Not Happy and took some time before she allowed herself to be calmed down.

The result of this, however, is a sleep-deprived Stephie. Now, if this had been about 6 or 7 years ago, it would have meant a big bottle of Coke and some chocolate, and I'd have shaken it off (mostly). Now? Sleep deprivation is a huge Headache of Doom trigger, and I can't seem to handle colas or most caffeinated sodas anymore. I made it in to work, though, and by gum I'm staying. Some green tea and half a Vicodin seem to be helping with the Headache, and some good chairdancing music seems to be helping with the residual ucky affects of both sleep deprivation and the Vicodin. Speaking of which...those of you who work in office-type settings or someplace where you can listen to music while you work - do you chairdance? What do you listen to when you need to wake up and focus a bit more?

Back to work with me. Dinner with Dawn tonight (trying out a new Thai place by home), and then probably home and more cross-stitch. I've managed to finish and frame Mom's piece, and Eric's dad's piece is finished (but needs framing). To finish is Eric's mom's piece and nephew Ryan's piece, then framing everything. Woo!
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