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The first Christmas of the year

We spent this past weekend in Portland, visiting my mom and having our first Christmas of the year. Eric and I have a minimum of two Christmases, usually three - one with my mom, one with his family, and one that's just us. Which family gets "real" Christmas (as in, December 25th) alternates every year, and this year belongs to Eric's family. Thus, Christmas with my mom happened disgustingly early.

I'm discovering that my mother is full of contradictions. She told me several times over the weekend that it looks like I'm losing weight, and then proceeded to load me up with candy, cookies, and brownies. Helpful, Ma. Eric and I have split the candy in half and brought it in to our respective workplaces, so hopefully it'll get eaten soon. The cookies, though, those are mine. Bwahahaha.

As per usual, Mom and Eric both spent too much money. Well, Eric, and Ramses and Feina, as they use him as his agent of Christmas gift-giving. :) Seriously, we need to discuss Ramses' allowance or something - he should NOT be able to afford to get me a 250G external hard drive. Also, squee! It means I actually have some place to stash my distressingly large mp3 collection (well, it's distressingly large to me - I'm sure it's next to nothing for some of you fine folk). Next thing is to save up for a new and bigger iPod, as the current StephiePod display is starting to go, and it's pretty well full. Something to look forward to. Mom seemed to appreciate her gifts, especially the patriotic kitty cross-stitch - I'll post pictures of all the cross-stitched presents once I finish them all, just to keep them all together.

We went to see Bolt yesterday, as well. It was very cute, and had flashes of Pixar brilliance, but Disney by itself is not quite on the same level. Regardless, there are bits that had me giggling for quite some time afterwards. All in all, it was a nice weekend. Very strange at times, as we ended up getting turned around at one point and wound up driving past my old dorms, which did nothing so much as remind me in a flood of all kinds of crap (both good and bad) from those four years at Reed. While I enjoyed college, I think it's a little painful for me to be near the center of all those memories - it doesn't do much but remind me of not necessarily better times, but times when there were many, MANY more possibilities than there are now. Something to ponder.

In other news...well, there isn't any, really. What can I say? I'm boring. :) Now, back to work with me.
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