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Sick day

I woke up this morning with a bad case of the woozies, so I stayed home from work and spent most of the day in bed sewing and watching NCIS on DVD. The kitties decided that the best place to be was snuggled up with me.

Feina at my feet

Ramses against my side

The woozies appear to be a side effect of the Amazonian death cold (my boss has been fighting it for awhile). I'm doing better now, and will hopefully be able to make it into work tomorrow. This is, of course, provided Snowpocalypse 2008 doesn't shut us down. We've seen some ice, but it'll depend on how much comes down tonight. I keep forgetting that western Washington doesn't deal well with anything other than the Washington Drool when it comes to weather.

There's not much else going on right now - just trying to get a Christmas present for my mother-in-law finished before Saturday, as we're doing the gift exchange with that family then. We may be having Christmas dinner on Christmas with them, but that's still up in the air (I think). Sadly, because of the woozies, Date Night will be very boring this week. Le sigh.
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