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Today by the numbers (so far)

Hours of sleep last night: 5 1/2ish
Jackknifed buses seen on the way in: 3 (all within 3 blocks of my office)
People normally in my department: 3
People in that department here today: 1 (no prizes for guessing who)
Vendors that need a righteous smack-down: 2 (but it's still early)
Cups of tea had: 1 (again, it's still early, and cup #2 is brewing)
Vicodin taken: 1/2 (mmm, Headache of Doom!)
Time I started work this morning: 7am
Time I'll finish tonight: Anybody's guess
Times I've wished I could work from home: Too many to count

It's gonna be a day.

PS - if you're trying to get to the Washington State DOT website and it's down, try here instead: they have a Twitter
Tags: snow, snowpocalypse 2008, work
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