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Christmas time is here...

Survived "actual" Christmas (which is Christmas 2 of 3 this year). It was actually quite nice - it was the first time Eric and I had a Christmas alone, as we did Christmas 1 with my mother a couple of weeks ago, and Christmas 3 will be happening tomorrow with Eric's family. We couldn't really get out yesterday, so we were forced to spend all day together in the apartment. Oh noes! Whatever shall we do? :)

Christmas Eve, we didn't go into work - trying to get out of our driveway wasn't happening until late afternoon. (Completely random sidenote: I'm listening to On Broadway on my satellite radio, and they've just started playing a song called "The Calling" from Altar Boyz. The chorus? "Jesus called me on my cellphone." It's a show about a Christian boy band. I highly recommend it. /sidenote) In the afternoon, we went out to get the veggies needed for 10-bean soup, and spent some time at Brian's playing Neuroshima Hex and Ninja versus Ninja, both of which are much fun. (Plus, NINJA! How can you go wrong?)

Christmas Day was soup and bread-making, laundry-doing, and watching Eric play Call of Duty: World at War (one of his gifts from me) on the 360 while I sewed and watched a little NCIS on my laptop. The soup turned out well, the bread was nummy (sourdough just goes so well with a good, hearty soup), and the day ended pretty early as we were both exhausted.

Today? I'm at work (and working hard, as you can see :)), and Eric's running the game store. So, if any of y'all are in the Lynnwood/Mukilteo area, and feel up for playing some board games, check out Phoenix Games on the Mukilteo Speedway - the guy with the glasses and goatee behind the counter will be more than happy to play a game with you. :) After work, I'll be heading down there, as our usual Game Night has been moved to tonight (it's normally Wednesday). Come! Play! Pick up a game or three!

Oh, and in case any of you were curious you can see the finished cross-stitches I did this year here.
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