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And another year comes to an end...

Time to start planning for the new year. But first, that "first line of the first post of the month" meme.

2007 is over, thank GOD. All right, people, it's time to vent your frustrations. On the way into work: Crap, I forgot to take my meds! Work is the crazies. So, as many of you know, Eric's grandfather passed away on Sunday. So, I got fed up with the living room, and decided that I needed to take care of things. In random bullet-point form! Many thanks to all of your for your well-wishes and suggestions. I've been having major issues with my current job - not just my current position (though that's not helping), but with my company as a whole. I'm finding myself distressingly anti-social today. Yes, I know today is Election Day, and YES, I voted. So, Eric and I live in an apartment, in a complex filled with little four-apartment buildings.

As for next year?

Apartment maintenance
~steam-clean the carpets
~sort/fold/downsize clothes and keep them in the dresser
~no more stacks of stuff in the living room
~turn the office into a Stephie Room

~pay off at least one credit card/LOC
~no book purchases for at least one month
~no DVD/CD purchases for at least three months
~no cross-stitch purchases until I finish at least two WIPs

~find a way to get back into a theater or dance group
~cook dinner at least two days during the work week (and canned soup and reheating leftovers doesn't count)
~get back into the Wii Fit habit (four mornings a week)
~get a non-temp job (hopefully with Amazon)
~find a translation certificate/degree program with a distance learning option
~log books read on Goodreads

I'm putting a lot of pressure on 2009, I realize. I guess it just seems like I didn't really do much in 2008, and I've got some ground to make up. I know it's not a race, but I can't help but feel horribly behind. It just seems like I should be more of an adult than I am by now, and I'm hoping to change that.
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