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My dear friends James and Dawn got married today, and they asked me to make something to go in front of their cake at the reception. They are super-geeks, and they wanted me to use a line they couldn't quite fit into their vows.

The full finished product - it says "I vow to only plot your destruction while gaming", and has the names of the bride, groom, and the bride's son, and the date.

There are four game components on the banner, as well, and I had to draw out the designs myself. Here is a picture of what the component actually looks like, my design, and the finished product.

First up, a Meeple, from Carcassonne:

Next, a d20 (or a twenty-sided die), used in a multitude of role-playing games:

Now, a penguin from Hey, That's My Fish!, or, as it's known in our group, Penguindome:

And finally, a cannon from Diplomacy:

I'm not hugely happy with how the meeple turned out, but the bride and groom seemed to be happy with it.

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