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Ok, so, yeah, it's been awhile. I'm currently at work, on break from shifting the theses around. Our library has a tower, and at the top of this tower is a copy (theoretically) of every senior thesis written here. There's something like twelve thousand up there.

And for the past week and some change, I've been making sure they're in order. And realizing that many people have something against the alphabet here, it seems. DAAAAAH!

Ahem. Now, I'm shifting them around the top of the tower so that they'll take up all of the shelves (there were some other books up there, but through bucket-brigade type shift, we got them all downstairs - actually, that was kinda fun) and have room for this year's theses and the other copies that will be coming up. Nyah. Dust everywhere, but hey, at least I have something to do.

May's almost over. Dude. When did that happen? My brother's daughter is due three weeks from this past Tuesday. Dude again.

And at 4:45pm, I'm free! :)
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