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So, yesterday, I was told around 4pm that the general counsel for Amazon (M) was finally back from the East coast, and I was scheduled to meet with her at 3:30 today. 'Bout freakin' time, I thought. Today was the last day of my contract, so it seemed only fitting.

At 2 o'clock, my coworkers took me to a tea shop (Seattle Best Tea), where we had an hour long tea tasting and lesson on Taiwanese teas. It was made of awesome - I didn't think my coworkers would care too much about tea (but dammit, it was my going away party!), but they seemed really interested, and several of them ended up buying tea by the time we left. At 3, I took off for the shuttle to my interview, partly so I could be sure to be on time, and partly so I could hit the ladies room first (hey, YOU drink tea for an hour and then hold it). I ended up being about twenty minutes early.

Finally, 3:30 comes around and M comes in and we start the whole interview thing. It felt very informal, just asking me about why I wanted to be in the legal department, how is my attention to detail, have I ever dealt with confidentiality issues, that sort of thing. 15 minutes later, it's over and I'm heading back to my office. She told me that I would hear from the hiring manager (A) "shortly" - I was less than confident that her definition of "shortly" would match mine.

When I got back, I kept working on some projects I'd been sitting on, and emailed A to let him know I'd met with M, she said I'd hear from him, here's my home email and phone number (since, y'know, I'd be gone in a couple of hours). An hour later, I got the call - I GOT THE JOB. I'll be getting my official offer on Monday, and I have to wait for a background check, so it'll be a week to a week and a half before I get to start, but I think I can deal. I don't mind taking a break from work, so long as I have a job to come to at the end. I get to be a REAL employee with, like, BENEFITS and crap.

So, that was my Friday. How are you?
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