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Baron of the blurry tail

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I just got an email from my mom about her cat Baron (he's in the icon). He's getting older, about 12 now, and he's not been doing so well since Milky (they may as well have been brothers - Baron lived with him his whole life) died a couple of months ago. This is what she said was happening:

When I got home yesterday he was not doing well. All his food was there and when I picked him up to show him the water or the cat box he just would turn away and would start crying. He didn't feel warm or anything but seemed to keep swallowing like he couldn't get something to go down his throat. I put some fresh stuff out this morning and honestly I couldn't sleep because I really felt like he wasn't going to be here this morning. Well, he was okay but when I tried to get him to eat this morning he was turning away again. Anyway, I called the vet next door and they said to bring him in. If nothing else maybe they can keep him hydrated so he doesn't have anything worse happening at least while we figure this out. He was doing something I had never heard of or seen with cats and maybe you know, he was clicking his teeth together for about 5 minutes, then he stopped that but kept swallowing. Have you heard anything like that or what that would be?

Has anybody heard of anything like this before? Baron's always been kind of a sickly cat - he has a very sensitive stomach, and can only eat certain kinds of foods or else he'll throw up all over the place. The last time he had a physical (or "mature cat checkup", I think the vet called it), everything came back just fine. Any info you guys may have, or even just some good thoughts, would be greatly appreciated.
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