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Christmas and all that

So, work got a little hectic, but it looks like things are settling down a little bit. As many of you know, Eric and I end up celebrating Christmas 3 times every year - once with my mother, once with his family, and once with just the two of us. This year, "real" Christmas is with Ma, so we'll be taking the train down to Portland on Thursday night and staying the weekend. I'm looking forward to it a lot - I've really enjoyed taking the train down to Portland since I started doing that (when I started temping at Amazon), and I'm looking forward to sharing that with Eric.

We did Christmas with Eric's family yesterday at his brother Jared's new house - it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL and freakin' huge. I covet their kitchen so much - it's huge, and there are two ovens and two sinks, and so many counters and cabinets and zomg want. Their kids were both a little under the weather with colds, but they did really well with all the strange people in the house. We ended up playing a few games - Cloud Nine, which we gave Jared a few years back after we played it at Thanksgiving, and Snorta (another gift from us), which was WAY more fun than I expected it to be. I had a lot more fun in general than I had expected, considering there was some drama leading up to the big day.

Eric and I did our personal Christmas last weekend, and went out for both lunch and dinner (which is not common for us). Lunch was the important one, though, because the Original Roadhouse Grill by our house was having a fundraiser for the families of the Lakewood police officers who were killed last month. The Everett Police were out in force, taking donations and thanking everyone who came in. The food was great, and it was nice to think it was doing something useful.

So far, Giftmas has been quite successful. I gave Eric a copy of Amber Diceless, which, it turns out, was something that he REALLY REALLY wanted and had been looking for for, well, ever. I just grabbed something off his wishlist that I vaguely remembered him mentioning before, so, well, go team me! I also gave him a bacon cookbook, which went over about as well as anything involving bacon does for Eric (hint: he loves him the bacon). We also did well for the family, especially the little ones, as we got them a copy of The Polar Express book, and Ethan loves the movie very much. He can go through the book and tell the story, and seemed very happy to have it.

As for me, Eric's parents gave me (well, us) two new 7' bookcases from Ikea (!!!), which need to be transported to our house (and two dead bookcases need to be transported to the dump). Eric also won big-time by getting me the Big Damn Heroes sourcebook for the Serenity RPG, a Mutts compilation, and, the best, a laptop desk. The main problem with using my laptop on the couch (where I usually use it) is that Ramses really likes to curl up in my lap, and there just isn't room for both him and my computer. With the desk, there's plenty of room for the kitty, and I've actually noticed that my back doesn't bother me so much. It's been kitty-tested and kitty-approved thus far, which means that it works well. He did really well.

Really, it's been a good weekend. Today's been mellow, with Gahan coming over for a little bit this afternoon, and a frew necessities taken care of. It's like the calm before the storm of Christmas and New Year's. I hope everyone else is doing well, too - I know my presence online has been pretty sparse lately, but I'm hoping to work on that.
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