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I have returned from the vast wasteland that is Elko, Nevada.

It's actually not all that bad - it has a charm unique to the area. Mmm, sagebrush. Met the family of the Mateo - the father seems to genuinely like me tons (yay!), the mother seems to still be a bit iffy about me (murf), and the brother took to me as another sibling (yay once more!). So, all in all, good shtuff.

Hiking for a couple of days, seeing some of the pockets of beauty in Nevada. And they are beautiful. I took plenty of pictures, and actually look half-decent in some of them.

Finally, after missing a connection, I'm home. And for about the second or third time, someone has assumed Matt and I are married. It's amusing, in a vaguely frightening kind of way. We amused the flight attendants by falling asleep with our heads against each other on a pillow propped on both of our shoulders. :)

And now, to nap, unpack, get food, and get psyched for the new job that starts tomorrow. Yay!
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