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So the last couple of weeks have been a bit insane. The first weekend of May, gamethyme, deleva, and Stultz went down to Portland for a long weekend. It was made of awesome and Powell's, Voodoo Doughnuts and Saturday Market. I really miss Portland sometimes...

The following week, I worked my tail off to get my stuff together, because I was going to be flying out on Wednesday night to go to nire's graduation (she got her master's degree) in San Antonio. So, cramming as many hours as I could in three days to get as much off my desk as I could, I was a bit exhausted. But since our last re-org when we got our new assistant, I've come to terms with what my world consists of, and I have plenty of plans for how I'm going to make things work. I finished what I could, sent off what needed to be dealt with while I was gone, and flew out late Wednesday night.

nire's graduation Thursday, touring around San Antonio on Friday, driving to New Orleans Friday and Saturday, and then walking, shopping, and eating my way through NOLA for another few days. Much fun, much much walking, and a whole lot of sun and heat. That part wasn't so great, but the rest was awesome. :)

I flew back home on Tuesday, and geared up for Wednesday back at work. Lots of stuff awaits me, I'm sure, but it'll be nice to be able to get back to work and setting a normal pace. I'm chatting with another legal assistant (in a completely different team, incidentally), when he casually drops, "So, I hear you're going to be picking up some more responsibility soon."


So, within my team, there are several smaller sub-groups. One of these currently consists of two people, a paralegal and an associate paralegal. There had been an open spot for a new paralegal. A legal assistant in a different team had applied for that paralegal spot, and had been offered the job. Before she started, however, a paralegal position opened up on her current team. Some discussion behind the scenes with the VPs of the teams, and it was decided to give her the spot on her team, leaving the spot on our team open. This, incidentally, is a team I had previously (like, maybe a month or two ago) expressed interest in joining if there was room for me in a year or two, when they might start looking at moving me up in the world.

So, per the rumor mill, because of the open spot on my team and the fact that they really needed the help, I was to take on some of the work to help out until they could get a new paralegal in. Well, that makes sense, and I have no problem helping out, though I would hope that I could rearrange my workload a bit to make sure I had time for that - my current workload is pretty heavy, as I've previously ranted.

I'm scheduled for a meeting with my manager to catch up on what I've missed the last few days. Two seconds after I sit down, another manager comes in.

Turns out, I'm not going to be "helping out" that other team - I'm JOINING that other team. They're putting me in there officially as a legal assistant, but the majority of my work will be paralegal-level work. Basically, they've decided that I've proven myself, and rather than waiting until I've been there a year to move me, they're taking the opportunity to get me in a position to be promoted. Oh, and I start on Monday.

It's super-exciting, and completely unexpected, and really really stressful. I'll be able to help transition the temp taking over my desk for a little bit, but every single thing that I do now, and that I'd been planning to do for some time, is going to someone else. So, if I don't really show up much for a bit, don't be surprised.
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