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Just heard from my mom on the Great Kitten Saga. It looks like she was able to catch three of the four kittens, and someone at her office is willing to take them to the shelter for Mom. However, Mom left them at the vet's office next to her office while her coworker was in a meeting, and the vets said that they'll try to adopt the kittens out from there, rather than the shelter. Now all Mom has to do is get the other kitten and the Mama-cat, and bring them in. The only concern now is that it's possible the kitty-daddy was one of Mom's old cats, who had FIV. The vets said they would test everybody to see if they're OK, and go from there.

In other news, I'm heading to PAX for the first time this weekend. I'll be running a couple of tournaments on Friday and Saturday, so if you're going to be in the area, stop on by. GenCon was a blast, as per usual. Work is going well - I can't believe I'm coming up on my second anniversary already.

Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it. Hope the, like, 5 of you still reading this are doing well, too.
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