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(In an effort to convince myself that I might actually have something worth saying, I'm going to be trying to post more often. Fair warning!)

I just moved into a new cube, from the team room we were in before. (For non-cube-farmers, "team room" means a big room with several people, so usually a little more space but less privacy. We had screens up to give us at least a little bit of privacy, but not much.) I'd been there for over a year, so it's actually taking a little bit of getting used to to be in a cubicle again. But, hey, walls! It's the little things. :)

They've been doing an office bake-off the last few weeks. While my Chocolate Elvis Bread (chocolate peanut butter banana bread) went over well with my husband and a few other folks, I sadly did not win my department. Today is the big all-legal bake-off, and I stopped by to offer my support to a friend who was elected to be a judge - such a hard life, really. There are some really good chocolate chip cookies in the world, and several of them are in my office. And a few are on my desk, but not for too long, I don't imagine.

Overall, I'm one of the lucky ones - I have a job that I enjoy, and I'm working with people that I get along with. And, of course, I'm working at all, which is huge. All in all, it's not too shabby in this corner (cubicle) of the world. How's your corner treating you?
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