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Yes, yes, the usual, it's been awhile, etc.

Cat sitting! I get to get my fur fix for 3 beautiful days, with an extraordinarily affectionate feline named Merlin. He's a little old, and ill - you can feel most of his bones through his fur. But man, has he got a purr. Yay.

Took Mom out to dinner tonight, and had a nice long talk with her afterwards. You see, a few weeks ago my godfather (and Mom's brother) M.O. had to have bypass surgery near his kidneys - two of his arteries were completely blocked. He's doing better, and pulled through ok, but it scared us big-time. I haven't seen him in almost two years, and I've been less that perfect in my communications with him. (He doesn't have computer-communication access, which means there's more effort involved in contacting him, and, well...laziness prevailed, unfortunately.) I determined that such laziness would end, and wrote him a reasonably long letter, telling him about my life and how I felt. I fairly poured my heart into the letter, feeling comfortable with the person I was writing to tell him my fears about my upcoming graduation, the depth of my feelings for Matt, my concerns that I would be a disappointment to my mother if I didn't follow through with a career in my chosen major...everything. I sent it with Mom when she went to visit him last week (being unable to go myself, given my work schedule).

He let her read the letter. She talked to me about a lot of things this evening, but the one thing that stuck out the most in my mind was when she told me that I would never disappoint her. As she put it, I've gotten through the past four years - that's more than enough to make her proud. Of course, she doesn't quite know how close I came to not making it through that first year, but some things are best left untold.

I am one lucky individual.
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