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Moving, or Look! A Breakdown!

So, we bought a house. There's an entire house, and it has our names on it. A credit union decided that it was safe to lend us $boatload. We closed on Tuesday, and started staying here on Wednesday (along with the cats). The big move from the old apartment was scheduled for Thursday.

We decided to actually spend the money and get a professional moving company to pack us up and move us out, because, as anyone who's been to our place knows, we have a LOT of stuff. When the movers arrived, they had apparently been told that they were coming to a one-bedroom apartment that needed "a little bit" of packing help. When they got to our place, they obviously weren't expecting what they saw. They took a quick look around, said they were going to their dispatcher, and then...they drove off.

I called the main office after they hadn't come back, and was told that the crew told the dispatcher that the place was unsanitary, and refused the job. That's...that's about the point when I froze. The humiliation was...I don't think I'd ever gotten that low before. I was incredibly fortunate that Stultz was there to help, because it's entirely possible that I would still be sitting there otherwise. I was able to get a hold of Eric and tell him what was going on, and he was able to leave work and head back to the old apartment.

The last few days, Eric and I have been working on unloading the new furniture (new bed frame, sectional, dining room chairs, and washer/dryer), and he and his parents have been packing up the old apartment and bringing things to the new house. I haven't been back inside the old place since Thursday - my job has been unpacking, and I can't be more grateful that they've been handling the hard stuff. It's going to take a while, but fortunately, we have the apartment until the end of July.

On the upside, the new house is shaping up nicely. The furniture we got from Eric's office has all been awesome, and the cats are slowly but surely getting used to things like hardwood floors and stairs. We'll see how things go starting Monday, when we start the morning work routine, but I think I'm getting over the depression of everything. I basically wanted to curl up and just not do anything, and it's still a little bit hard to convince myself to get up and get going, but I'm working through it. This time of year's always hard, and having all of this go down as well isn't helping.

I wish my father could be here to see the house. Mom hasn't had a chance to come up yet, but she's hoping to come up later this month. We're going to have some people over on the fourth of July for Game Night, and hopefully I'll be able to get through that OK. We'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, there are boxes to unpack.
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