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This morning I had my pre-op meeting with my doctor. I'm scheduled to go in on Wednesday at 5:30am, and will be on the table by 7:30am to have the mega-fibroid (the one that's big enough to squish everything else out of the way and cause pain) and a polyp from the inside of the uterus removed. I won't be able to have a laparoscopic surgery, as the mega-fibroid is too big, so they'll be opening me up. The appointment was a lot of "here's the terrible type of things that can happen, and here's the likelihood of them happening, which is to say, not very." Eric was able to be there with me, thank God, because I was absolutely terrified the entire time.

In a little over a week, I'm going to be unconscious while people I don't really know cut me open and mess around with my insides. I'll most likely need to stay overnight in a hospital (something I've never done before), and will be on medication that will do who knows what to my upper cognitive functions. Eric's going to be home with me, so I won't be completely alone, but it's not something I'm looking forward to.

My coworkers keep telling me to look at it like it's a nice little break. I'll be completely offline for a few days, and then working from home for a week afterwards to give me some more time to recover from the surgery before I fight the public transit commute. It would be one thing if I were taking some kind of vacation, but that's not what this is.

My doctor remains awesome, and she knows how nerve-wracking this is for me. (She said that she much prefers to have patients who are nervous about surgery than those who are a little too excited about it.) Right now, I just have to get things in order for work so I can leave for a few days and not be leaving a mess behind for my coworkers, all while fighting the mother of all panic attacks with some crippling pain to go with it.

Stupid bodies. Can't I trade it in for a newer model?
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