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So it's official. I'm a senior. I found out today that I passed the part of the junior qual I had to take again last weekend (frickin' theatre history), and I'll soon be having my advisor sign off on my thingy letting me register for thesis.

Dear God. Yay! Eep. And many other emotions, all rolled into one.


On the upside - Both classes look to be respectable (mmm, film theory! hrm, directing...), and my first day of work went well. I'm now a librarian. Woo-ha. :) And in half an hour, I get to learn about my thesis proposals and all that fun stuff, and then it's off to archery, and then dinner, and then studying, to end the day. Tomorrow, more meetings than God, followed by class, and then dinner at the Angela's. Mmm, steak...:)

And my room kicks butt. So yeah. Here we go.
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