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That was thoroughly gratifying

So, rotten day, all in all. Getting better watching a movie with Matt and Eric. Then it's midnight. Time for bubbles! (OK, so I'm a little bubble-crazy, but it helps.)

Out on the balcony, with a bunch of people in the social room arguing over Magic cards. Bleh. I get out the big bubble wand, the gallon of bubble solution, and turn on the colored light string around the railing of the balcony. I'm set. I start with the big wand.

From below, almost instantly, someone I don't know walks by and notices the bubbles. (Sidebar: it's amazing how few people at the college look up.) "Those are splendid bubbles." "Why, thank you!" as I send more down. Some of them stick to the wet grass below, which he examines, then stands and watches them float down towards him. After a moment, he turns to leave. Then he calls over his shoulder, "Thank you!" Yay number one.

After a moment, a few more people walk by and a girl exclaims "Look at all the bubbles!" They continue looking up as they walk by, and finally someone hollers up "Thanks for the magic." Yay number two.

Bubbles make everything better. So there.
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