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Project 470

Woo-ha. I've been here for a couple of hours doing reading and whatnot for my thesis. Things are going reasonably well, methinks, though I'm really going to need to get my butt in gear these next few weeks. I've got a few deadlines in front of me to keep me honest, and the first one's coming up in about 3 weeks - research to be done by then, so I can start translating over Fall Break. First reading of the translation's in November, then some draft of all translation and research should be done by Thanksgiving, giving me the rest of the semester to edit. Which basically means a lot of reading right now. Thank heavens my class load is really light, otherwise this could get ugly.

Don't mind me, I'm just ranting a bit. I've been without human contact for a little while, and staring at books on translation theory doesn't help the ol' communication skills, ironically enough.

Back to work with me!
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