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Major breakdown a couple of weeks ago - very depressed, very suicidal, sheer luck that I didn't do anything. Went home for a couple of days, and hit a turning point. For the moment, the battle is slowly moving uphill. (The meds are finally starting to work, too.)

Went to Mom's office Christmas party - I was the youngest person there by a long shot. Interesting to meet the people Ma's complained - I mean, talked - about so much.

My cousin and his wife had a baby on the 20th - Mackenzie Grace. She looks like a big Cabbage Patch Kid. Abominably cute.

One of my closest friends from London, Chip Gilliam, was killed in a car accident on the 20th. I found out yesterday.

Went to a mini-Christmas party at Dustin and Brian's on Wednesday - watched movies, played a couple of games, basically got out of the house and had a really good talk with Brian on the way home. Something about long car rides just opens me up more, I guess.

Working at the library Thursdays and Fridays during break. Currently, sitting in a very empty IRC room taking advantage of free ethernet while waiting for my supervisor to let me into the building. It's some extra money, which is always nice.

Christmas has come, but not gone quite yet, as I have relatives coming in tomorrow, and we need to do the gift-exchange thing with them either tomorrow or Sunday. I need to finish the cross-stitching I'm doing for a pillow for the new baby.

That's about that. Pretty much the hardest thing is trying to deal with Chip's death. But I'll get by, with a little help from my friends. (Ooh!) Gonna try with a little help from my friends...:)
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