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Yay. It's Friday, and I'm done with work. I ended up coming in late today, and working like pooch all day. First folders, then recalling books. Mwahahaha...the power! The ability to change due dates in a keystroke (or three) and demand that a book be returned immediately! From profs, and the dean of students himself, even! 'Course, there was a downside - I had to recall a book I had checked out myself. Sigh.

Anywho...yesterday was good. After work, I went out to dinner and to see Two Towers with Brian. We've been chatting off and on over break - I saw him at Christmas (as aformentioned), and kinda on a whim I wrote him a rather ranty letter a few days after that. To my surprise, he wrote back, and so it went. It was nice to spend significant amounts of time with someone I was neither related to nor working with.

The dorms are now open once more, so people are trickling back on campus. I probably won't be moving back until Sunday, and I'll be putting in heaps of hours at the library to earn some more money and help Karen out - this is a really busy time of year, of course.

Considering how wretched I was feeling late last night and this morning, I'm surprised that I'm somewhat stable-ish. I'm just ready to go home and curl up with a cat for awhile.

Happy three-day weekend!
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