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The light at the end of the tunnel?

So, the last semester of my undergraduate career has begun. I'm taking three classes and thesis, which is a relatively heavy load. But if nothing else, it'll keep me busy.

So far, things have been going reasonably well. The nights are still rough, as I have the nasty tendency to start panicking sometime around 1 in the morning, but at least I'm able to control things better than before. Thank the deity of your choice.

I've been pretty well on top of things so far. I tried getting through my theatre reading, but right now that's not really sinking in. So instead, I'm going to get some research for thesis done. (Sidebar: Should I be worried that the guy who's directing me thesis a) had to ask when the performance dates were and b) didn't know until TODAY that I'm acting in my thesis?) Yesterday I sat down, read everything I've written so far, and figured out exactly which holes I need to plug in my research. So long as I have a plan of attack, I should be all right. Thus, Secret Project 470 is moving along quite nicely. Secret Project 471 is coming along well, and recently there's been the addition of Secret Project 472 - we shall see. (Don't worry if you're confused - you're supposed to be. :) )
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