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So, I woke up this morning to a batch of Valentine's on my door (oh,'s Valentine's day, isn't it?) and this absolutely beautiful arrangement of flowers from three of my friends. (saphriel and benalapercu, you rock!!!) So, that's a good start to the day. Makes up for getting jumped on in class (I made a comment that I thought was backed up sufficiently in the text, and was rewarded by hearing "No, no no no no no" from someone else in the class. Granted, I had misunderstood the text, but still.), and I'm still on a finished-the-chapter high from last night. Whee! Who needs substances?!?

Anyway. yeah. I'm going to Mom's this afternoon, and will be spending Valentine's day watching movies, eating homemade soup (mmmm...soup...ahem) and being with my mom and my cats. My kind of weekend. :)

Happy Arizona Statehood Day!
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