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Holy mother of Bob

Seriously. This senior thing? Highly overrated. I just got out of a thesis meeting and was told what a good start I had, but how much more I needed to do. In my copious free time, of course.

On top of that, there's the whole Quest fiasco. I'm sorry, maybe I've lived outside the bubble too long, but should this really be this big of a deal? Aren't there bigger things in the world to worry about than what our (admittedly) pathetic excuse for a newspaper prints? Being bombarded by this does nothing more than stress me out and irritate me about the people at this school. I'm not saying they're wrong - what was printed was abso-frickin'-lutely offensive - but it shouldn't be such a huge deal, I guess.

I dunno. I need a swim. Unfortunately, scheduling being what it is, that ain't happening today.

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