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So, LJ's been dumb the past couple of days, but that's ok. Lessee...what's going on?

Yesterday, I decided that this campus was far too depressed and unhappy. The latest round of scandal regarding the paper has been more malicious than most, and the reaction has been angry and depressing, quite frankly. After sitting with some dormies for a bit after lunch and realizing how poorly people were feeling, I decided there was but one thing left to do: mobilize the bubbles.

Thus, Evan and I, armed with 5 jugs of bubble solution, 10 bubble wands, a bubble kazoo, two pipes, and two uber-wands, took over Eliot Circle. The wind was going rather strong, and changing directions frequently, so the bubbles attacked the various buildings as people came out of class. Yes, the day was cold and damp, but by gum, I think we may have brightened the mood a bit. With so many wands available, we invited people to join us in the bubble creation. Nearly everyone walking by either was attacked by bubbles or created some. It was amazing to see how people regress to the happiness of childhood with soap bubbles. One guy could see them from the windows of his classroom, and as he had his rather professional camera with him, came out and took many pictures of the bubbling. I really hope I can get ahold of some of these pictures.

People kept asking why we were doing this. It's Reed Arts Weekend, so people assumed it was part of that. But in reality, it was merely a means of cheering ourselves and others up. The world needs more bubbles right now, and I fully intend to help create them. So there. :)
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