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Good shtuff/Bad shtuff

Good shtuff: Seeing a fan-freakin'-tastic show on Friday with Angela and Paul M., blowing bubbles, being told by a dormie today that I remind her of bubbles, watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with a bunch of dormies last night, getting heaploads of work done yesterday, getting to see "The Producers" today with Paul M., daffydills everywhere.

Bad shtuff: Friday night after the show (angry mob, anyone?), catching something from Angela that makes it difficult for me to breathe, still having heaploads of work left to do, the beginning of two weeks of much business and whatnot.

Woo-ha, I say. If anybody's feeling like doing anything randomly nice for me, these next couple of weeks would be ideal. Not that I'm fishing or anything. :)
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