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It's the end of the world as we know it...

And I most definitely don't feel fine. Aaaaaack, I'm sayin.


Actually, I'm doing a lot better than I could be right now. I've got heaploads of reading for Spanish; I just got assigned to do a two-person scene in theater with a guy who a) creeps me out and b) is not, how you say, well-endowed in the talent department (minds out of the gutters, girls!); I've still got to write a journal entry for Wally's class in 50 minutes (meh); and I'm realizing that the director of my thesis show is, oh, what's the word...a dork. I'm taking it as a bad sign that the show I'm basing the culminating work of my Reed career upon is currently the show I just want to be done already. This isn't how this year was supposed to turn out.

On the upside...last night, I went by Evan's room to get a hug, and ended up being semi-cuddled for a good hour or so. Both of us talked for awhile, but it was more the actual human contact that helped. I ended up dozing off after awhile for about 10 minutes, before I woke up enough to stumble into my own room. Yay. Cuddling is a beautiful thing. I need more of it.

And it's finally warming up around here! This whole cold, biting wind thing has really gotten on my nerves. But it's semi-cloudy and warmer. Almost perfect, in my mind. Perfect right now would be completely cloudy, with just enough of a warm breeze to blow bubbles for me, were I so inclined.

So, maybe I do feel fine after all.
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