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Such a geek

So there are apparently rumours about me going around the Lit/Theatre department. I had one of the other L/T seniors come up to me today and ask about this rumour she'd heard that I'd turned my draft in a few days early. I'm amused.

So now that it's the time! Woo-ha. And what am I doing with it, other than going to mom's? Well, I just checked out a bunch of linguistics books...:) And I also need to find a dentist. One of my molars has been bothering me a bit last night and today. Not so much that I can't eat, but enough for me to be aware of it. It's been a few years since I last went to the dentist, so I'm not really surprised, but still. I *hate* the dentists. The whole thing. Mrph.

But now for some light reading about the creation of language...:)
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