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Things accomplished:
Spanish class (though we'll ignore the 'getting jumped on every time I opened my mouth' aspect of it)
2/3 of the reading for said Spanish class beforehand
3/4 of the reading for Classical myth tomorrow (the 1/4 left is due to the book going AWOL from the library)
narrowing down the choices for monologues for tomorrow's acting class
rehearsing for acting class tomorrow
FINALLY setting up a thesis meeting that both of my advisors can attend
setting up a 'date' with Erin to see a movie tomorrow (probably only a date in my mind, thus the quotation marks)
eating three times (ooooooo....aaaaaaahhhhh...)
a 2-hour-long nap
seeing Jess for the first time in a few days
seeing Julia C. for the first time in a few days
finding a new book to read in my copious free time
All this in less than 12 hours of consciousness. Dude.
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