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God bloody dammit!

And everything was going so well...I opened my email to find a message from Kris. AKA Bastard-ex-boyfriend-from-high-school. The boy honestly treated me like dirt, told me at one point to go ahead and kill myself, etc., etc. I haven't actually heard anything from him since March of 2000, and suddenly he's emailing me again. hello. havent talked to you in about 2 yrs now i guess it is. just was
wondering how you have been and how life has been treating you. not 100%
sure ill ever get a responce to this but hey i tried right... anywho...
maybe ill hear fro you maybe i wont.


Now, here's the deal. I basically just stopped talking to him - no answering his emails, nothing like that. We'd be broken up for awhile (woo, that was fun, let me tell you), and he started being an ass again, so I just stopped responding to him. Because it was so sudden, I've always felt a little like there's some unfinished business there, or something. So the question is, do I write him back? And if so, what do I say? Ideas, anyone?
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