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Shroedinger's date

Whee. Last night I went on another of these (that which both is and is not a date at the same time), and I still have no idea where I stand with this guy. Grr, I say. I mean, granted, I had a good time one way or 'tother. We saw the movie Identity with John Cusack, with poor innocent me not realizing it was going to be a movie in which batches of people die in ugly, ugly ways. It was fascinating, though, because the premise was rather new. But still, I ended up spending a good deal of the movie with my hands over my eyes - I'm a very jumpy movie-goer. I was proud of myself, though - I only shrieked once. :)

Afterwards, we went back to the dorm and he went back to his thesis - ah, to be interested in seniors. Ooh! I got my toy from the registrar's yesterday - they finally put up the big bulletin board where you put your name after you've turned in your thesis. So I am now the proud owner of a plastic wreath of laurel with a button on it that says "Love Reed." It's the same type of thing they handed to the seniors my freshman year, and I thought that it was kinda classy then, so I'm glad I got it this go-round. Gods Almighty, my thesis is done. It makes no sense!

Ooh! And there was the Hum play on Thursday. Such friend Noah played Homer, which is kinda like the narrator character for the play, and he had waaaaay too much fun with the role. And at one point on of the emperors had a speech impediment akin to that of the priest in the Princess Bride, which meant that he, naturally, had to say the line "Mawage. Mawage is what bwings us togewah today." Everyone in the audience was quoting along with him...such with the happy-making. And Nigel imitating Jan...basically Nigel with a long blond wig, saying "Hello. I'm Jan Miezkowski and this, is my hair." So happy. And of course, it doesn't make any sense to people who don't go to Reed, but still. :)

Now is the time for work. The kind where I get paid, not the kind where I freak out about deadlines and whatnot. Thank heavens.
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