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Today in a nutshell

In no particular order:

Two fucking hundred and forty fucking six bib records that hadn't been deleted. Meaning two fucking hundred and forty fucking six 10-digit numbers to be keyed in and deleted. Around number ninety, realizing that I'd missed one. Having to rekey the ninety before to find out which one.

Paint. Everywhere.
Subset of the above: spending more time with Girl, hearing straight from her that she is, indeed, very straight (no pun intended) and still rather damaged from the Epic Ex-Boyfriend.

Used bookstore with the Angela. Mmm, books...

Last rehearsal for directing scene that goes up tomorrow. Director smoking so much crack... Come see the directing scenes tomorrow at 7:15pm on the mainstage at Reed! Watch me make a fool of myself! Yay! There's more scenes on Friday at 7:15 as well, but I'm not in them, so they aren't as cool.

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