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Renn Fayre update

Man, it's been a long couple of days.

So, Thursday classes, final directing scenes (woo), and decorating the campus for Renn Fayreness. Renn Fayre, for you non-Reedies, is the glorious weekend between the end of classes and the beginning of reading week where the campus goes nuts, and relieves a lot of the stress that's been building up. Since it officially starts an hour after senior theses are due, seniors are essentially gods. So this year, it was my turn.

Friday began it all - first with the last class of my Reed career, then with wandering with folks and eventually going up the hill and procuring 256 fluid oz. of bubble solution, and then thesis parade, where seniors get to burn drafts of their theses in a bonfire, get drenched with champagne, and walk through the library in triumph. We were a sight to behold, I'm sure. After that the partying began, with the senior dinner (very swanky, I must say) and, for me, wandering around campus and taking in the sights. Today was much of the same, watching fire dancers (sidebar: something about spinning fire makes a person at least 20 times more attractive than they would have been otherwise.), drinking a bit (really more like nursing), and DANCING. So many good DJs around this year...

And now to sleep. Mmm, sleep.
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