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So it's after 3am. I have my orals in less than 10 hours. You know, such things really remind me of the fact that I have an anxiety disorder. Dah.

My grand bucket of bubbly goodness has been lost. All my good bubble wands, too. I am most upset by this. I am taking donations of implements of bubbly goodness, just email me and I'll give you an address to which you can send them. (Yes, I am shamelessly soliciting bubble paraphenalia online. It's after 3am, give a girl a break.)

My job interview on Monday went resonably well. It would be for a part-time job as a translator at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), which would be damned cool. I will find out Monday if I got the job.

OK. I'm going to attempt sleep. Or watch Dogma. Something relaxing, I hope. Mrph.
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