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So, I'm trying to figure a few things out. Well, actually, I'm just avoiding this Spanish paper that refuses to let itself get written, but still.

Anyway. At lunch today, a guy I've mentioned before, Steven, the one Angela can't stand, asked me what I was doing this weekend. I remembered that he'd asked me to help him out with a film project at some point, so I assumed that was what it was, and I mentioned this. He said, "Well, that, and I was thinking a movie." As in renting one and watching it in his dorm room, as we've done once before. Trying to figure out if this means anything...

The guy I blatantly, boldly asked out a couple of days ago (well, as boldly and blatantly as email gets, really) has yet to reply. So I think that one's out the window.

Meanwhile, whilst I sound like a boy-crazy high-schooler, I'm almost finished with this document that has owned my soul for the past year. That's right, as soon as I get a few pictures from the fine folks at Computer Services, I'll be ready to copy, bind, sign, and get it in the library. It doesn't seem right, somehow...'Course, I still have to finish these last two papers. Cursed razzlefrazzle...grr, I say.
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