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So, I'm trying to figure a few things out. Well, actually, I'm just avoiding this Spanish paper that refuses to let itself get written, but still.

Anyway. At lunch today, a guy I've mentioned before, Steven, the one Angela can't stand, asked me what I was doing this weekend. I remembered that he'd asked me to help him out with a film project at some point, so I assumed that was what it was, and I mentioned this. He said, "Well, that, and I was thinking a movie." As in renting one and watching it in his dorm room, as we've done once before. Trying to figure out if this means anything...

The guy I blatantly, boldly asked out a couple of days ago (well, as boldly and blatantly as email gets, really) has yet to reply. So I think that one's out the window.

Meanwhile, whilst I sound like a boy-crazy high-schooler, I'm almost finished with this document that has owned my soul for the past year. That's right, as soon as I get a few pictures from the fine folks at Computer Services, I'll be ready to copy, bind, sign, and get it in the library. It doesn't seem right, somehow...'Course, I still have to finish these last two papers. Cursed razzlefrazzle...grr, I say.


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May. 8th, 2003 10:36 pm (UTC)
Girl when you get all finished up with school stuff, we should go hang sometime and hunt some men together!!! That would be so so fun!!! Cursed email invitations, they are so easy to avoid. But who could avoid it when it's right there for the taking. . . .

(Note: Lack of sleep makes me ditzy and I then say uncomprehendable things.)
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