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France capitulates.

So, giving up on the actively searching for hook-up-edness. Meh, for the best, really.

Last night was so much fun! Went out to dinner with folks to celebrate Steven's (Shrodinger's date) birthday. Much really good food, much fun. Watched part of a movie later, realized that I'd yet to come up with something for Ma (it being Mother's Day and all), went back to my room to finish that up. Basically, she's getting a bound copy of my thesis (!), a picture of me from thesis parade that she's been bugging me about, and a sappy note. It was 3am, I get emotional, what can I say. She's coming over soon, and I'll take her out to lunch and then we'll bum around or somesuch.

In a week and a day, I'll be a college graduate. Good Lord.
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