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last cigarette: Never have, never will
last car ride: Back from Tigard with Ma
last kiss: Renn Fayre (quick peck, barely counts)
last library book checked out: Urm...
last movie seen: Dogma
last book read: Urm...working on Dragonriders of Pern
last cuss word uttered: Well, the last expletive was "Holy Mother of Bob!"
last beverage drank: Bacardi Silver on Saturday night
last food consumed: M&M's
last crush: I plead the fifth
last phone call: I talked to my brother on the phone as he was heading out to come here for graduation.
last tv show watched: Jeopardy.
last time showered: Night before last...I will in about 5 minutes, though, never fear.
last shoes worn: Brown Sketchers
last cd played: mix CD borrowed from Brian
last item bought: graduation cards
last downloaded: pictures sent from my mom
last annoyance: Bush and Blair getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Grr.
last disappointment: failed seduction #3.2 (the second time with #3) on Friday night.
last soda drank: Wild Cherry Pepsi this evening
last thing written: signature in a birthday card for my niece
last key used: delete (or my room key)
last word spoken: Dan (saying good night)
last sleep: from 4:30ish to 1ish (?)
last im: Jess
last sexual fantasy: involves a dark room, burning candles, and [names hidden to protect the innocents]
last weird encounter: Proving my theory that when three or more women of about the same age get together, conversation will turn to a) sex b) breasts and c) menstruation.
last ice cream eaten: A bit of Dan's sorbet.
last time amused: By Dan.
last time wanting to die: Again, pleading the fifth.
last time in love: Well, I'm in love with my cat...
last time hugged: Dan, about 10 minutes ago. (I need more hugs in my life.)
last time scolded: Honestly couldn't tell you.
last lipstick used: Does chapstick count?
last underwear worn: *checks* white/black/pink "Pebbles" bikinis
last bra worn: Black sports bra.
last shirt worn: Red Renn Fayre shirt from freshman year.
last time dancing: Renn Fayre or today in the car with Ma, but that doesn't *really* count, I don't think.
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