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This is why I love my friends

An email I received earlier today, with the subject line "potentially entertaining."

Hey -

(first off I laugh at any of you who thought I didn't know your name & therefore couldn't be stalking you.)

There will be a collective of amusing people in steeleeastone friday evening, & I think you should come
& if you know of anyone else similarly entertaining, you could bring them too (applies primarily/especially to others living in this hall...)
& we should all sit around together eat drink & be spastic. (so sayeth I)

so bring something to eat or drink 'cause I don't have much except kool-aid (so commandeth I)
or just come be entertained. or entertaining. or both.
10ish on friday

(if you're not convinced....I have Zim!)


full moon?

if not, then I fling a monkey in your general direction & bid you good day
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