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OK, I think I've decided that I'm in love with Angelina Jolie. After watching Foxfire last year with a good chunk of Boobiestime, I realized that she makes me fully aware of my inner lesbian.

Anywho. I feel like I've come into the 21st century, finally. Read that: I finally got a DVD player. I even convinced Ma that it wasn't the devil by hooking it up to her tv so she could watch a movie. She still won't get one, of course. It took forever to get the woman to accept a CD player, after all.

Life's been a roller coaster. Emotionally, I'm pretty sure that I'm sick and tired of this nonsense, but it's slowly becoming managable, I think. Unfortunately, my migraines are becoming worse again. Ah, the wild see-saw that is my life. Woo.
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