Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Just nme and Clarissa in the flat this weekend - the others are in Brighton. Drat. I'm just feeling less and less comfortable around her as the days go on. I just want to spend this weekend not necessarily alone, but with other people - but not with her.

I went out this evening with a few new people - Diane was the only one that I knew pretty well there. It was a good time. We went to this little Japanese place (the Hare and Tortoise - such a great name) and ended the evening with fantastic desserts. Whic led to a discussion about the effect of chocolate on the female mood and libido. I think we enlightened Orion quite a bit.

On a completely different note: Apparently, according tot some study of American high school teachers, the average American teenager has stopped using "like" and "you know" in everyday conversation. It's figured that, before the terrorist attacks in NYC and DC, teens were afraid to express actual emotions, and thus distanced themselves from them with such "verbal hiccups" as like and you know. Now, though, it's as though the country is allowed to have their emotions, and express them.

My acting teachers keep referring back to it - particularly my Shakespeare teacher, who talks about finding the humor in things and the need to speak. "The ones who touch us the most, the ones we remember, are the ones who keep talking, keep going, keep living. That's what we remember - that need to keep going."
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