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A day in the life...

as stolen from leech
6:30am - Milky decides it's time for me to wake up by standing on my bed and meowing in my face.
6:45 - Give in to the cat, get up, dressed, and brushed.
7:15 - Bowl of cereal whilst checking email and watching tv. Mmm, multi-tasking.
7:35ish - leave house for bus stop.
7:45 - watch bus drive past, running the last block, to no avail.
8:02 - catch the next bus, hoping to catch my connecting bus.
8:08 - catch the connecting bus. Sheer dumb luck at work.
8:50 - arrive at school, sign in, check voicemail and email.
9:30 - begin setup of my room.
11:30 - Rob shows up to help. Yay!
1:30pm - Finish up in the room, head for lunch with Rob.
3:00 - Collapse at home with tv, computer and cats.
6:30 - Head for Meatfest.
8:00 - Finally arrive at Meatfest, after finding every other street by the same name in SE Portland.
11:30 - Home from Meatfest, without hooking up with anyone, but receiving many hugs and hearing many people say that they were happy I came.
Now - sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
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