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The weekend in brief

Friday - worked my arse off at my school, panic attack, slowly subsided, home. Dinner with Ma, then off to the library to meet up with Erin and hang out with her until her shift was done, and then head to Lindsay's birthday party. Party moved as soon as we got there to other dance party on campus, which was much funness. Hung out with Jamie, Bryson, and Erin in Jamie and Erin's thesis office, then quick Safeway run for munchies and off to Erin's place to crash on her futon.
Saturday morning - woke up repeatedly because of the affections of Catloaf and Petcat, Catloaf being a kitten and having the urge to gnaw on something frequently. Still, very nice to fall asleep to large amounts of purring cat on one's chest.
Saturday afternoon - Lunch, then movie (Rundown), which I almost unashamedly admit that I liked. The Rock has taken acting classes, and can actually pull off comedy reasonably well. Fight choreography was quite impressive as well. After movie, run to Michaels for cross-stitch stuff, dinner, and then to James' play on-campus. James is one sick and twisted individual. I admire that about him. Finally, home.
Sunday - Woke up later than I'd intended, did some paperwork, then dinner with Ma, and heading out to Erin's to together go to Powell's for the Terry Pratchett signing. So much goodness! We learned the beauty of Portlanders, as the couple behind us was willing and, in fact, eager to help us avoid someone that Erin knew would be coming to the signing, knew would want to talk to her, and absolutely did not want to deal with. The man actually stood in front of us at one point to block us from her view. It didn't work - the girl is a "stubborn little bastard," to quote the man - but it was a noble effort. I also received the go-ahead from Mr. Pratchett himself to translate some bits of his books to use for grad school applications. :) :) :) Then, bad pizza followed by meandering to Pioneer Place to see what movies were to be seen, deciding on movie, killing an hour by sitting in lobby of movie theater and going through Erin's illustrated copy of The Last Hero, which she'd had signed, and then seeing the movie (Thirteen). I can't decide whether or not I liked it. Finally, dropped Erin off so she could head to the library, and then home. And thus, here I am.

Matt was at the signing. I saw him, I said hi, and not much more, focusing more on Dan, who was with him and whom I hadn't seen in some time. On the way home I was singing along to Nickelback's "Someday," and realized that the words in the chorus no longer apply. The chorus goes, "Someday, somehow, I'll be all right but not right now." But I am all right. I can deal. This was my week of bad hormonal and emotional ickiness, and without meds I was able to deal.

Life is good. Again. Finally.
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